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Updated: 7 hours 5 min ago

Artland is a social art market that connects galleries and buyers

12 hours 45 min ago
 Danish startup Artland is building a social marketplace for the art world and its key players: Galleries and professional collectors, while also hoping an app-based approach helps onboard a new generation of art buyers. Read More
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Media startup Axios raises another $20 million

12 hours 52 min ago
 There’s a glimpse of hope in new media as Axios just raised $20 million less than a year after its launch, the Wall Street Journal reported. The company already had a pretty big list of investors, and most of the startup’s existing investors are putting more money into Axios. Existing investors Greycroft Partners and Lerer Hippeau Ventures are co-leading today’s founding… Read More
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MoviePass drops pricing to under $7 per month, if you opt for the annual plan

13 hours 13 min ago
 MoviePass, the subscription service that lets consumers pay a monthly fee to see unlimited movies in theaters across the U.S., is slashing its prices yet again. The company announced today it’s now offering its service for $6.95 per month, down from the current price of $9.95 per month, when customers commit to a one-year subscription plan. That works out to a flat fee of $89.95… Read More
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Spotify acquires online music studio Soundtrap as it goes after creators

2017, November 17 - 11:45pm
 Spotify has made another acquisition as it continues to build out the services it offers to artists beyond basic streaming. It has acquired online music studio startup Soundtrap, the company announced via a blog post this morning. The three year-old company, based in Stockholm, is the maker of a freemium (paid and free) cloud-based, collaborative music and podcast recording studio that… Read More
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Tortuga Logic raises $2 million to build chip-level security systems

2017, November 17 - 3:16pm
 Tortuga Logic has raised $2 million in seed funding from Eclipse Ventures to help in their effort to maintain chip-level system security. Based in Palo Alto, the company plans to use the cash to build products that will find “lurking vulnerabilities” on computer hardware. The founders, Dr. Jason Oberg, Dr. Jonathan Valamehr, Professor Ryan Kastner of UC San Diego, and Professor… Read More
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Seizing partnership opportunities in emerging markets

2017, November 17 - 9:00am
 Partnering beyond your borders — something many of the world’s leading multi-sided businesses and online marketplaces already engage in — is becoming a low-friction way for those in less developed countries to add their value to the global economy. So what’s keeping businesses from getting contributions from emerging markets, and how do they overcome those obstacles? Read More
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Meural raises $5 million and brings Canvas to over 100 stores

2017, November 17 - 7:48am
 Digital art technology company Meural has raised a $5 million Series A round of funding, led by Corigin Ventures and with participation from Netgear, Resolute Venture Partners and assorted angels. The $5 million in fresh funds accompanies the news that Meural will now be distributing its Canvas in retail stores across the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Germany, France and the Netherlands. Read More
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NerdWallet lays off 11 percent of staff due to missing profitability goals

2017, November 17 - 5:11am
 Personal finance startup NerdWallet seems to be on the struggle bus, having just laid off 53 people today (about 11 percent of its workforce) due to the fact that the company is not hitting its profitability goals, TechCrunch has learned. As part of the restructuring, NerdWallet’s sales and partnerships teams will be folded into various product teams. Read More
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Apple is giving away free Postmates Unlimited subscriptions

2017, November 17 - 4:50am
 If you use Apple Pay to sign up for Postmates Unlimited, you’ll be able to get free deliveries on orders over $20 and no peak hour price surging for the next 45 days, MacRumors first reported. In order to qualify for this promotion, you need to sign up by November 23. You can, of course, cancel your subscription at any time. Postmates first launched Unlimited in March 2016. The idea is… Read More
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Imgur’s favorite folders turn 250M meme lords into curators

2017, November 17 - 4:14am
 Either you’re one of 250 million monthly Imgurians, or you probably have no idea what Imgur is. But those who are part of the addictive image-sharing community know there’s been one feature at the top of the request lists forever: favorite folders. Today, Imgur fulfills the wishes of the masses with the official launch of favorite folders. Read More
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​Toyota​ ​Mobility​ ​Foundation launches $4M prize for mobility tech targeting lower-limb paralysis

2017, November 17 - 3:45am
 Toyota​ ​Mobility​ ​Foundation,​ a charity set up by Toyota in 2014 to help bring about “a truly mobile society,” has launched a $4 million competition to encourage the development of new smart mobility technology to support the lives of people with lower-limb paralysis. Read More
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Pip is a retro games console for kids to learn coding

2017, November 16 - 8:33pm
 Another UK startup is using Pi electronics as the foundation for an edtech business idea, and Kickstarter to try to crowdfund their product: A learn-to-code retro games console. Read More
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TechShop shuts down all U.S. locations, declares bankruptcy

2017, November 16 - 4:42am
 A bit of sad news for the maker community today: TechShop is shutting down nationwide. TechShop was pretty much heaven for the adventurous do-it-yourself’er. Imagine a big building filled with everything from sewing machines to laser cutters to woodworking equipment to welding rigs. The general philosophy was “Don’t try it at home — try it here!” Read More
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Zyl is a photo management app with a few AI-powered tricks

2017, November 16 - 4:05am
 Meet Zyl, a smart photo app to view, manage and share all your photos. Formerly called Comet, the French startup is now using deep learning to go beyond the endless grid of photos and replace the default Photos app on your phone. While Zyl started as an app to create collaborative photo albums, the app has expanded beyond this simple social feature to take care of everything you’d do… Read More
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Drivy launches its car rental marketplace in the UK

2017, November 16 - 1:25am
 French startup Drivy is expanding to another European country. This time, the company is launching in the U.K. For now, the service is mostly live in London and it’s slowly going to expand across the U.K. throughout 2018. The company has been somewhat careful when it comes to international rollout, with only six European countries in seven years. Drivy already has 1.5 million users… Read More
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Adeptmind raises $4.5M from Fidelity to bring smarter search to retailers

2017, November 16 - 1:00am
 If you’ve ever searched for a product on any website that’s not Amazon or Google, you’ve probably had a bad time trying to find something — and then go straight back to Google or Amazon. That’s a significant problem for retailers, which need to ensure that potential customers that are already signaling a lot of interest in buying something will actually be able… Read More
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Postmates launches in first international city

2017, November 16 - 1:00am
 On-demand platform Postmates is launching in Mexico City today, its first international market, with more than 1,000 merchant partners and couriers on board. That means people who live in areas like Polanco, Condesa, Juárez, Cuauhtémoc, Roma, Jardines Del Pedregal, Lomas de Tecamachalco and Ciudad Universitaria will be able to access on-demand delivery via Postmates. Read More
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Forward brings its personalized healthcare service to Los Angeles

2017, November 16 - 1:00am
 Forward, the San Francisco-based startup that’s looking to refashion healthcare services in Apple’s image, is expanding with its first location in Los Angeles. The company’s services combine proprietary, purpose-built medical devices with algorithmically enabled diagnostic tools, and the latest in gene, bacteria and blood tests to provide a holistic view of its… Read More
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Roxy grabs $2.2 million seed investment to build Alexa-like voice devices customized for business

2017, November 16 - 12:39am
 Some of the biggest names in technology are all in on voice-controlled devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home, but Roxy, a Seattle-based startup believes that businesses need a voice system where they control the data and the voice commands are designed for their specific requirements. They announced $2.2 million in seed funding today. The company has built its own modular hardware… Read More
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Criteo founder raises $19 million for ride-sharing app Less

2017, November 16 - 12:32am
 Criteo has long been named as one of the most successful French startups, quickly reaching unicorn level and even going public in the U.S. Former Criteo CEO Jean-Baptiste Rudelle is now launching a new startup called Less with Romain Niccoli, Florent Bouteiller and Francis Cohen. The startup just raised $19 million (€16 million) from Index Ventures and Daphni. Less is a ride-sharing service… Read More
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